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Robin has always had the belief, radio is a great medium, treat it with respect and have a passion for the music.


Pioneering pirate radio in Ireland from Waterford to Dublin, a year in the North Sea broadcasting to over 12 million listeners across Europe from the legendary Radio Caroline, The U.K.'s first sattellite radio station, doubling audiences along the way, the journey has always been fun.

Following this Robin has broadcast on many other stations including: Red Rose Radio, Picadilly Radio, Marcher Sound, JazzFM, Magic 999 and setting up Key 103 in Manchester

  Ross's Revenge
(Home of Radio Caroline)
Hundreds of Outside Broadcasts and over a 400 Interviews including Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Cliff Richard, Sir Elton John, Phil Collins, Tina Turner, Brian May and Roger Taylor, Mick Hucknall, Bonnie Raitt, Texas, Meat Loaf and 10 years of theme park radio at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.
32 Silver, Gold and Platinum discs as thank you's for hard work and results are a nice plus. Click here for a closer look

Robin is the distinctive voice of radio ... ' to play the music, meet the bands, and enjoy every minute has been the only aim and as a bonus be paid for my hobby..'

the journey continues...